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Full Royal Mail integration

We were advised to use the CSV upload system for our Royal Mail shipments
until the implementation of the "zone sort" or the "Blue Bag" system is

To clarify - this is the service that will switch the International Mail
service selected from "Zero Sort" to "Zone Sort" once the postage for any
given country exceeds 1.5Kg for that day's mail.
e.g. The Rule changes in SF will only allow you to switch services on single items but to change these RM services over they needs to include the total shipments to a specific country for that day.
The problem we have is that on a certain day our French post will look
like this;

1. Order x = 0.501kg
2. Order y = 0.501kg

Total for the day = 1.002 = Must go via Zero sort.

Because the total orders for that day do not exceed 1.5Kg then they must go
via the Zero Sort service. However if the total Orders for that day exceed
1.5kg then they would need to go via Zone Sort;

1. Order x = 0.501kg
2. Order y = 0.501kg
3. Order z = 0.501kg
Please look into implementing this ASAP as SF have been bought by RM you should be able to offer each RM service?

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Richard shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Hi Richard,

We have been looking at adding support for zone/zero sort (the blue bags system) at the moment we’re unsure how to implement with the way we currently manifest but the developers have been looking at this!

We don’t have any dates or time frames for this at the moment because we’re still just investigating but we do hope to start making progress on this.

Thank you,
The Storefeeder Team

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  • Sam Quinn / commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I thought about this to aswell, however, the pricing profile you have set on said' store, should relate to the service you provide the parcel with. I.e if they order an item that is tracked delivery it should be sent on Tracked delivery etc etc.

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