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Feature Requests for StoreFeeder

This is YOUR UserVoice page exclusively dedicated to StoreFeeder.

Our aim is to collaborate with you and gather valuable feedback on feature requests to enhance the development of StoreFeeder.

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We review all requests monthly and give a 90-day window to evaluate if they will benefit our customers. Any idea that receives more than 10 votes will be discussed in the following feature request meeting. However, ideas that do not get at least 10 votes within 90 days may not progress any further, although we will assess each case individually and may still consider outstanding ideas for review.

To maintain fairness, we request that each company limits their votes to one per suggestion to prevent vote rigging. Multiple votes will be disregarded or removed.

  • Before submitting a new suggestion, please ensure that it has not already been suggested by another customer. If it has, please vote and add your comments.
  • Please note that this page is not intended for support. If you encounter a technical issue or have any problems with your account, kindly refer to our knowledgebase or contact our support team.

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