1. Column which auto queries Royal Mail updates with latest tracking information - will help to preempt possible issues with missing delivered.

  2. Supplier information to hold more data  ·  under review

  3. More data on orders page. Eg: Weight, Feedback score, num of items contained  ·  declined

  4. Customisable dashboard views  ·  declined

  5. 1 Page MOTO for MOTO Order  ·  declined

  6. Imported tracking number needed - Royal Mail Standard delivery confirmation  ·  completed

  7. Export by supplier  ·  declined

  8. Auto Validate Phone number and other data  ·  under review

  9. two level authentication for logging in

  10. Custom Reports  ·  under review

  11. Purchase Orders To Sync with Xero Accounts  ·  under review

  12. Eazy BI Integration for adhoc business reports  ·  declined

  13. Inline editing of product data values on product page (instead of clicking into each product to edit)  ·  declined

  14. Invoice Template to have Specific "Listing Name (title)" on the invoice instead of the product name.  ·  completed

  15. Automatically add new product images to channel listings e.g magento  ·  under review

  16. Show items counts on dashboard  ·  declined

  17. Add DHL Paperless Trade (PLT)

  18. Allow users to set own character limits for different fields in storefeeder e.g. set product name to X characters limit  ·  declined

  19. Add 'Cost of Goods Sold' to the 'Sales by Channel' on the Dashboard  ·  under review

  20. Net margin Calculation and repricer  ·  completed

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